These three non-technical tips have proven essential in my career and has helped me become a better developer. The tips listed below are extracted from some good advice I received from senior developers, my own experience and by observing some experts at their work. This is meant for both junior and intermediate developers alike.

1) Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

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We all have those days were you feel like a pro and can get anything done. When everything just works and things are challenging enough and the pieces fall together just right, you feel great. Its almost like you were made for this.

However, sometimes you figure out a way and then you hit an obstacle. Every time you think you made a breakthrough something else pops up and now you go back to square one. Even worse, the most mundane and simplest of things seem too difficult to build. You fall in a rut. You go from feeling like a pro to the dumbest person the world has ever seen. In that state of mind, each statement hits you with a certainty of truth, even if you have proven otherwise over the years. …

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Memory costs

Memory leak is referred to a scenario where the memory used by the application is not released even after use. This could cause the operating system to allocate way more memory to the application than required. In the presence of a memory leak the memory allocation is progressive. This memory consumption by the application will keep increasing until the operating system runs out of it.

Imagine you invite some guests over for dinner and they take your beautiful ceramic plate and refuse to let it go after dinner. And then very graciously go on and take more until they have it all. That’s basically memory leak. …

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Bandra-Worli Sealink, Mumbai

Leaving Mumbai at 18 years of age for a better life is the biggest leap I have taken in my life. Fear, sadness, excitement and curiosity all bundled into one, it was nothing short of an adventure. Reflecting back, raised in suburban Mumbai and now living in Toronto, I learned my fair share of life lessons in my most formative years. Here’s three major ones:

1) Perspective Is Everything


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